Where's My Sofa?

I ordered it. I paid for it. I'm still waiting for it.

What’s All This?

Back in September I ordered and paid – up front and in full – for a sofa and a chair from the Next Homeware store in Lakeside. They still haven’t arrived.

My partner and I have phoned Next Homeware about 7 or 8 times now to try and lockdown a date for delivery. Each time, we’ve been told they were ready for delivery. As soon as the delivery date gets closer, however, and we ring up to confirm, suddenly they aren’t ready again.

My missing furniture

On the left: my snuggle chair, on the right: some smug cow with her feet all over my sofa >:(

Not once have Next contacted us – they haven’t phoned us, emailed us, sent a letter, a fax, a postcard, a tweet, a BBM or even a carrier pigeon to keep us updated on the status of our order.

Not only that, but when we last phoned them, they said it could even be another 5 weeks. This will take it to a grand total of 3 months. A full quarter of a year. This is outrageous.

So there are a couple of reasons behind this website.

Firstly, I’m genuinely annoyed by the poor customer service and lack of professionalism displayed so far by Next Homeware.

Secondly, I’m a web designer/developer by day, and this has given me a nice little side project on which I could try out a few new things.


  • HTML5
  • Responsive layouts
  • CSS3

So it’s partly a place for me to rant until (if) I get my furniture and partly a bit of practice and fun with emerging web technologies. Together, it just about makes it an acceptable use of my time ;)

Follow this seemingly endless saga on Twitter and please feel free to join in the conversation.

Or take a look at some of your ideas for where my sofa is in the Possible Scenarios page. If you fancy youself as a bit of a Photoshop wizard, grab this image and get to work! Tweet me the results and I’ll add the best ones to the gallery.

NB – No, that is not my sofa pictured at the top. It’s yellow.



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