Where's My Sofa?

I ordered it. I paid for it. I'm still waiting for it.

Things I can’t do without my sofa


While I wait patiently for my furniture to arrive, here is a list of things I can’t do without my sofa.

  1. Sit on it
  2. Watch telly while sitting on it
  3. Fall asleep on it
  4. Invite guests to sit on it
  5. Put shit on it

What else can’t I do without a sofa? Comment below with ideas


Author: Xav

Xavier is the owner of White Heat Design (a web design and development agency in London) and MailStrike (an HTML email design and marketing web app).

He loves WordPress, nifty iPhone apps and listening to old skool Ricky Gervais XFM shows. He hates poor customer service, animal cruelty and Andy Parsons (that bald one off Mock The Week).

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