Where's My Sofa?

I ordered it. I paid for it. I'm still waiting for it.

Are You Serious?

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So it turns out it could be another FIVE weeks before we get our chair! Apparently.

My girlfriend rang up again today to check progress. Progress is definitely not right word to use here. They told her the sofa is ready but the chair was not and could take up to 5 more weeks before they can arrange delivery for it. Again, they gave us no reasons as to why. So I rang them straight up and proceeded to vent at any and all I spoke to. All to no avail.

Now for the kicker. As I probed and probed for an answer, the customer service rep I was speaking to decided to inform me, mid-rant, that they actually didn’t have any colour specification for the chair. This I’m told requires her to send an email directly to the manufacturer to find out. Incredibly, she expected a reply “within 5 working days”. At this point I thought it best to put the phone down. I like my iPhone and I knew I would ultimately regret launching it off the balcony on which I was standing.

In theory, by the time I’m sitting in my new chair, I could’ve been waiting for 12 weeks. A quarter of a year. Snappy turnaround huh?

The saga continues.


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